Flowers for tomorrow.

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20th Anniversary Akane Teshigahara Solo Exhibition "CONNECT"

Iemoto Akane held a solo exhibition entitled “CONNECT” in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of her succession as Iemoto at Sogetsu WEST, our new base in Western Japan.
That creative space, where the entire venue was made to look like a piece of artwork, was filled with the time and thoughts that the Iemoto had shared with plants, and drew many visitors despite restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

20th Anniversary : Kimonos with Memories

Since becoming the fourth Iemoto of Sogetsu in 2001, Iemoto Akane has appeared in various places wearing beautiful kimono.The Iemoto introduces 11 of her most memorable kimonos that she wore with all her heart and soul to suit the occasion.

Baton of Vases

In the “Baton of Vases”, three artists arrange their ikebana using the same vase.
How do the vases look in the hands of each artist? Let’s enjoy the twelve creative works arranged in four different vases.


Teshigahara Akane Her Words and Works

  • Reaching for the Future
  • 20th Anniversary Akane Teshigahara Solo Exhibition “CONNECT”
  • 20th Anniversary : Kimonos with Memories

Ikebanists of Sogetsu

  • Baton of Vases
    Katayama Ken, Sekita Ikuen, Akiyama Miharu, Kato Kumiko, Sumide Bisen, Sawada Koei
  • Flowers in profusion
    Isono Gaho, Iwabuchi Koka, Okazaki Shinobu, Ozawa Seiko, Yamada Soho, Kubo Tankei, Fukushima Koka, Takenaka Reiko

Teshigahara Kiri

  • An artist trying to change the world Nagasaka Mago


  • Ikka-Sanbo(One kind of material in three distinctive variations)⑦:Baby’s breath
  • To the Cities of the World 29 : Louise Worner in Madrid
  • What’s in an ikebana work? (Sofu’s Lecture Note) 23 : “If the flowers are the main feature, the container should be subordinate to the flowers.Likewise, if the container is the main focus, then the flowers should be secondary to it ”, “Omission of Shushi(main stems)
  • Teacher’s Workshop Thema:Arranging flowers with the color of the vase in mind
  • Life with Flowers (Artist Profile): Maeda Sanae

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