Learn and master the basics of Sogetsu Ikebana called Kakeiho.
Supervision:Akane Teshigahara

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From now, you will proceed with your Ikebana studies through Kakeiho, by experiencing the joy of expressing yourself with plants.

How to Study Sogetsu Ikebana

The standard Sogetsu Textbooks, which consist of “Sogetsu Textbook 1・2” , “Sogetsu Textbook 3・4” and “Sogetsu Textbook 5” are used in the lessons. They cover all the necessary basics for beginners to enjoy acquiring skills through actual interaction with flowers, deepen their understanding of the plant materials, and eventually master a high level of self-expression through flowers.

Curriculum 1: Kakei

20 Lessons in about 6 months
The basics of Ikebana are studied through a method called Kakei-ho.Upon completion, application can be made for The First Certificate (Yonkyu).

Curriculum 2: Kakei

20 Lessons in about 6 months
As an extension of basic Kakei, Variation Styles are studied.Upon completion, application can be made for The Second Certificate (Sankyu).

Note: Currently only Textbooks 1/2 (Kakei) is available in Chinese.
The text book card is attached on the back cover of Textbook.

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You can place an order at the Sogetsu Shuppan counter or through a certified Sogetsu teacher.

This textbook is also available at the Sogetsu Shuppan section in Shop Flora on the 4th floor of the Sogetsu Kaikan.
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