3. Compositon and line,Color and Mass
4. Material and Space

Supervision:Akane Teshigahara

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You will deepen your understanding of Ikebana studies by proceeding to the curricula which are mainly on the three Ikebana elements of Line, Color and Mass. And, you gradually get to know how Ikebana itself owns its space, at the same taime, it is closely related to where it is placed.

How to Study Sogetsu Ikebana

The standard Sogetsu Textbooks, which consist of “Sogetsu Textbook 1・2” , “Sogetsu Textbook 3・4” and “Sogetsu Textbook 5” are used in the lessons. They cover all the necessary basics for beginners to enjoy acquiring skills through actual interaction with flowers, deepen their understanding of the plant materials, and eventually master a high level of self-expression through flowers.

Curriculum 3: Composition and Line, Color and Mass

20 Lessons in about 6 months
The new stage of free arrangement begins, apart from Kakei-ho.
Upon completion, application can be made for The Third Certificate (Nikyu).

Curriculum 4: Material and Space

20 Lessons in about 6 months
A higher level of expression is mastered by deepening understanding of the material and the space.
Upon completion, application can be made for The Fourth Certificate (Ikkyu).

[In French]

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  • Language : French
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[In German]

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  • Softcover : 52pages
  • Language : German
  • Dimensions : (W/H)182mm/257mm
  • Item No : C1010


These are a translated version of the “Sogetsu Textbook 3/4” issued in 2008. Since this version does not contain the textbook card, please be sure to buy the original textbook (C1230).

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