The Ishikawa Branch Exhibition "The 16th Ikebana Exhibition & Floral Tribute dedicated to the Hyakumangoku Festival: Sogetsu HANA SO! — Exhibition of Flowers for Creating the Future" was held at the Oyama Shrine from Monday, May 27th to Sunday, June 2nd, 2019.

Outline of the Exhibition

Date: May 27th (Mon.) – June 2nd (Sun.), 2019
Time: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Venue: Oyama Shrine
Adrres:11-1 Oyamacho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
Admission: Free

Bamboo culminates the three-year event

The Ishikawa Branch Exhibition was held at the Oyama Shrine revered by the people in Kanazawa as a holy place enshrining several gods.

The “Exhibition of Flowers for Creating the Future” was held as a project to celebrate the Sogetsu 90th Anniversary. To close the three-year event, the exhibition was extended from three days, as in the previous years, to a week this time.
Large works using bamboo as a common material, were displayed in multiple places of the precincts.
In the evening, the works were lit up in a fantastic atmosphere with a quite different look from the daytime.

Visitors enjoyed strolling around the shrine on a pleasant early summer day and looking at refreshing works of bamboo placed near water and in the grove. The unique expression of Sogetsu using bamboo blending in to lush green of the shrine received much attention.

From Friday, May 31st, the works were also displayed in the hall of worship. A flower tribute ceremony concluded the event which ended in great success.


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