The Sogetsu School of Ikebana will mark its 100th anniversary in 2027.
As we approach this memorable milestone, in order for the Sogetsu School to become more lively, creative, and attractive than ever before, we will implement diverse initiatives under the theme of What’s Sogetsu?
Let’s take a look at what Sogetsu is all about from various angles, including the history of Sogetsu since its foundation, the philosophy that has shaped Sogetsu, and the curriculum that forms the basis of our creative activities.

【Back by popular demand!】

The 9 videos looking back on the history of Sogetsu are being available on our online video-sharing platform now!
Please look forward to them!

【Period】 to 24:00 Japan time, March 31st, 2023 (Fri.)

【Price】1100 yen per one

*Those are the same videos that were streamed in 2022.
Even If you want to watch the video previously purchased, you’ll have to purchase it again. Thank you for your understanding.

①Sofu in his studio Length: 10 mins.
②Sofu Extensive Exhibition Length: 15 mins.
③Creation - Kasumi Teshigahara Solo Exhibition Length: 12 mins.
④ The 54th Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition Length: 22 mins.
⑤ The Environment and Ikebana Length: 19 mins.
⑥ 50 Years of Sogetsu Length: 25mins.
⑦Summer Seminar ’82 Length:7m56s
⑨Take Nami Oto(Bamboo Wave Sound) Length:20m04s

These programs are open to all who are keen on learning Sogetsu Ikebana!

For the STA members

Event information

20 Jan 2023 [fri] - 31 Mar 2023 [fri]
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