Sogetsu Teachers’ Association (STA) Members’ Site

The STA members site offers various members only seminar/workshop information.
You can check your own registered information and our bimonthly newsletter  So online there.
Please make the most of  this site for your activities.

Available Features on the STA Members' Site

  • Check your registered information
    You can check information about you registered at the Headquarters.
  • Read So Newsletter
    You can download the So Newsletter (from the June 2020 issue) as a PDF file and read it on your PC or smartphone.
  • Inquiry form
    You can make a request using the inquiry form, such as changing your registered information.

How to activate your personal page

The Headquarters will mail your tentative password (login information notice) in order.
Once you receive it, access the Members’ Site to log in using the information provided.

Login Procedure

1. Access the STA Members' Site

Enter the STA Members’ Site by clicking or tapping using a device such as PC, smartphone or tablet.

2. Log in

Enter your membership number and the tentative password on the login information notice and click or tap the [Log In] button.

Now you have entered into the Members’ Site. Enjoy the contents!

Reset Your Password

For enhanced security, reset your password from the tentative one to one of your own.
Please follow the following procedure.

1. View your profile

Log in the STA Members’ Site and click or tap [Profile] on the left side of the page.

2. Move to the password reset page

Click or tap [Reset] on the Reset your password page.

3. Set the new password

Enter the tentative password into the [Old Password] field.
Enter your own new password into the [New Password] field containing at least 10 alphanumeric characters.
Enter the new password again into the [Confirm New Password] field.

Then, click or tap the [Submit] button.
Now you can use your own password from the next time you log in.

4. Log in with the new password

If you want to continuously browse the Members’ Site, click or tap [Back to Home].

Log in again using your membership number and new password.


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