Iemoto Akane Teshigahara 10th Year Celebration, Part 2 !

  • Price:JPY3,500
  • Softcover:120pages
  • Language:Japanese and English
  • Dimensions:(W/H)215mm/270mm
  • Shipping Weight:600g
  • Publisher:Sogetsu Bunkajigyo Co.,ltd.
  • Date of Issue:Aug/2011
  • Item No.:D3070


Power from Flowers, book of Ikebana works, showcases the works at “Iemoto Akane Teshigahara 10th Year Solo Exhibition: Heartlines” that was held in May 2011 at Spiral Building in Aoyama, Tokyo.
Enjoy the bamboo installation and Iemoto’s works created in her own handmade vases.
Also introduced in this book are works from “Past Iemoto’s Influence” exhibition that was held at the same time at Sogetsu HQ Building. They are the culmination of the challenge undertaken by leading Sogetsu Ikebana artists to create works in the ceramic, stone and glass vases made by the late Teshigahara Hiroshi.
Feel the message from the flowers.

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