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Introduction of highlights by Iemoto

Iemoto Interview "My Style"
Guest: Mr Ken Teshigahara

Mr Ken Teshigahara, Iemoto’s second son talks about his resolution
to become the next Iemoto. His personality is also revealed through the interview.
Enjoy the memories between the Iemoto and him which are unique to a parent-child relationship as well!

The Power of a Single Flower

We focus on the huge gloriosa installation by the present Iemoto, made with donations through crowdfunding in order to encourage the flower business.
Now is the time to believe in the power of a single flower.

Arranging Wabara

“Wabara” is Japan’s world-class rose variety produced at Rose Farm Keiji in Shiga Prefecture. Its graceful and delicate beauty has attracted people all over the world.
Enjoy Fantastic works by seven Ikebanists who are charmed by wabara.


The 26th article of the series “To the Cities of the World,” Hilda Tagusagawa in São Paulo.

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