Price:1,000 Yen|Price:773Yen

Postcard Set of Sofu, Kasumi, and Hiroshi
“Sogetsu Selection No.5”Teshigahara Akane
“Sogetsu Selection Vol.1”Teshigahara Sofu
“Sogetsu Selection Vol.2”Teshigahara Sofu
  • Price&Item No.:
    K4041 Postcard Set of Sofu, Kasumi, and Hiroshi     Price:1,000 Yen
    K5035 “Sogetsu Selection No.5”Teshigahara Akane  Price:1,000 Yen
    K5015 “Sogetsu Selection Vol.1”Teshigahara Sofu   Price:773 Yen
    K5016 “Sogetsu Selection Vol.2”Teshigahara Sofu  Price:773 Yen
  • Dimensions:148mm/107mm
  • Shipping Weight:90g
  • 8sheets


How to order

You can place an order at the Sogetsu Shuppan counter.

This item is also available at the Sogetsu Shuppan section in Shop Flora on the 4th floor of the Sogetsu Kaikan.
For information on mail-order, please refer to “Purchase via Mail-Order” in the Shop page.

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