Lesson Reservation [Tokyo]

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Submit your reservation form to us at least five days (excluding weekends and national holidays) before your preferred date. The requested class may not be available as there is a limitation in the number of visitors in each class.
We might not be able to  provide full support to visitors since there are other regular students in the class and we might need to prioritize them.

Ikebana equipment is lent to visitors.

Items with *are obligatory.

Tick the class you wish to attend.

International Class (Mon.) 
The International Class is given in English.
Iemoto Class (Tue.Thu.)
the Iemoto Class is held in Japanese.
The English speaking technical instructor will help you in the class but not be able to provide full support.
Men's Exclusive Class (Fri.)
The Men's Exclusive Class is given in Japanese.
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5- day-advance booking is essential for a first-timer.
Each class has a limitation in the number of visitors.

*The trial lesson will be held in an existing class. Please check the date of each class and fill in the desired date.If you wish to take more than one course, please enter the date you wish to take the first course.
・International Class >> Click here for the schedule
・Iemoto Class >> Click here for the schedule
・Men’s Exclusive Class >> Click here for the schedule

Starting time

*Please write 10:30 for International Class.
*Choose 10:30, 14:00, or 18:00 for Iemoto Class.
*Choose from 18:00 to 19:00 for Men’s Exclusive Class.

Payment Method
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*If you wish to bring any guest/s please indicate how many.

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