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Iemoto 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition
"Hengen - From Hiroshi to Akane"

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Teshigahara Akane’s succession as Iemoto on the death of the third Iemoto, Teshigahara Hiroshi. This April at the Sogetsu Plaza, the Iemoto arranged flowers in eight vases made by Hiroshi at the exhibition, “Hengen (Metamorphosis) – Hiroshi to Akane”. Enjoy the timeless collaboration between a father and a daughter.

Iemoto Interview My Style 29
Guest: Motoki Katsuhide (film director)

Mr Motoki Katsuhide, a film director, known for his many hits such as “Samurai Hustle” and “Recall,” is a guest in the interview. As he used to be an assistant director to Hiroshi, he talks about his memories of working with such a master and his personality.

Hiroshi's Aesthetics Expressed Through His Films

As a film director, Hiroshi made a great contribution to Japanese cinema. He expressed his aesthetics in his films “Rikyu” and “The Princess Goh,” which he directed after his succession to the position of Iemoto. Let’s take an overview of his aesthetics focusing on the famous scenes of these two films.


Teshigahara Akane Her Words and Works

  • About my father
  • Iemoto 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition 「Hengen-From Hiroshi to Akane」
  • Iemoto Interview My Style 29 Guest: Motoki Katsuhide (film director)
  • Hiroshi’s Aesthetics Expressed Through His Films

Ikebanists of Sogetsu

  • Greeen leaves and flowers
    Katayama Ken, Takagi Suisen, Sumura Eikou, Nishiyama Kosa, Taniguchi Chieko, Morange Makiko, Morita Reiyu, Kitauchi Suijun


  • Ikka-Sanbo(One kind of material in three distinctive variations)⑦:Horsetail
  • To the Cities of the World㉘ :Kiyoko Boycott in Vancouver.
  • What’s in an ikebana work? (Sofu’s Lecture Note) 22: “What’s does ‘ikeru’ mean? and Working together”
  • Teacher’s Workshop Thema:With Branches Only
  • Life with Flowers (Artist Profile): Hosono Yoka
  • Kiri’s Scope 26
    Kiri Teshigahara Interview with Prominent People in Hawaii: 8 Tamara Rigney

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